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2FZ-intelligent fertilizer preparation machine

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1. Due to the fact that fertilizers can easily corrode the equipment, the portion in contact with materials is made of stainless steel. Special antiseptic treatment is applied to the carbon steel portion, thus greatly improving the service life of the equipment.

2. It can realize seamless linking between the expert's fertilizer dispensing system and the soil testing data from the soil tester, thus realizing individualized fertilizer dispensing of different plots, crops and yields.

3. Nutrition data for over 100 crops of three categories is stored in the microcomputer for option.

4. According to a user's soil information and requirements, the microcomputer can automatically generate a formula and dispense the fertilizer.

5. Each actuator of the equipment takes the cylinder as a source of power to the maximum extent. Therefore, the equipment is stable in operation, free of noise and three wastes emission.

6. The computer monitor adopts Chinese character display based on a touch screen, thus simple and clear in operation, with no special requirements for operators.

7. The equipment requires neither foundation nor special requirements for indoor floors. It is aesthetic in appearance, suitable for indoor application of outlets for agricultural materials supermarkets. 

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